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Our Aim is to Complete Your HR Needs

RPO Services

Newwave HRM acts as a extension of a Company HR or resourcing function, by providing a complete hiring solution. We deliver the necessary supportive Talents, IT resources and methodologies to fulfill our client requirement.

When you let us take care of your Recruitment Process Outsourcing needs, this is what you get:

Highly scalable and complete ownership of entire recruitment cycle Single window for hiring needs across job families and career levels. Fulfilment across different business magnitudes Optimization of your talent supply chain Hassle-free, swift hiring Diagnosis-led approach - CESI (Consideration, Evaluation, Structure, and Implementation) Well defined SLAs and KPIs to measure performance.

Our flagship RPO Model

Enterprise RPO

Ideal for organisations intending to outsource the entire recruitment operations. Mid to high volume, spanning across multiple years. Managing the complete cycle from sourcing to onboarding. Managing the source mix (referrals, sourcing partners and direct applicants) Team to manage all activities and communication with internal stakeholders and candidates. Hiring that spans across job families, locations, and career levels. Stringent focus on quality control and compliance.

Project based RPO

Flexible lightweight model suited for short term scale up. Suitable to manage spikes or growth in a certain business unit or location. Serves as a pilot for partner evaluation for Enterprise RPO model. RPO teams staffed and aligned to the internal recruitment teams. Allows internal recruiters to focus on their core roles.

Resource based RPO

Augmenting the existing team with new resources Augmenting sources, recruiters or coordinators as needed. Program management done by the client’s recruitment leads or run it as a staffing model. Highly collaborative model that works the best when you need an additional pair of hands to manage your requirements.